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Colin Smith

Age 32

2 Jul 2023
Portland, Oregon (USA)

Colin Smith
Colin Smith [photo:]

Colin was not trans himself, but was killed while defending a trans friend from a verbal attack.

He was the second cisgender person killed in the US in a transphobic attack within a week - just two days earlier Michelle Dionne Peacock was killed by a neighbour after he had shouted transphobic slurs at her.

Colin Smith stepped in. And that’s when, police say, Smith was stabbed to death. He was 32.

“It was a hate crime,” said Danielle. “She was trans, he [the suspect] didn’t like it, and Colin — defending his friend — was in the way. And that’s what happened. It’s just tragic.”

Colin is remembered as a good and kind person who would always step up to support his friends. The suspect Rahnique Jackson, 24, was arrested by US Marshalls a few days later. He is expected to be arraigned Monday for 2nd-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon.

Colin's former partner said this of Colin:

“He loved those around him unconditionally. I think most especially he was always someone that rooted for the underdog. He always looked out for the people that got overlooked, and a protector which is, you know, how he went — protecting those he cared about.”

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