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Liara Kaylee Tsai

Age 35

22 Jun 2024
Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

Liara Kaylee Tsai
Liara Kaylee Tsai [photo:]

Liara's body was found in the back seat of her car. Her ex-partner has been charged with second degree murder and interference with/concealing a dead body.

IOWA CITY, Iowa — An Iowa City woman was found dead in her car, being driven by her ex-partner, in Minnesota over the weekend.

Margot Lewis, a 32-year-old from North Liberty, is being charged with second-degree murder and interference with/and concealing a dead body.

Investigators believe Lewis stabbed and killed Liara Tsai at her apartment before she ended up in the back seat of her own car.

People in Iowa City honored Tsai by holding a remembrance event at Gabe's downtown on Thursday night.

Gabe's is a big live music venue, so loved ones said it's fitting to honor Tsai's legacy there.

Tsai recently moved from Iowa City to Minneapolis, hoping to broaden her career as a music producer and DJ in the twin cities.

In fact, friends said she'd just been booked for her biggest gig ever. But she never got to play that show.

Now, those who knew Tsai are in shock at the 35-year-old's sudden and violent death.

The trans community is mourning the loss, calling Tsai an incredible artist, fearless and unmasked. Many said Tsai's strength as a trans woman was an inspiration to the trans community.

Liara's Twitter and Facebook profiles are and

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