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19 Mar 2024
Maceió, Alagoas (Brazil)


Joelma's naked body was found with head injuries in an alley. She was homeless, and th circumstances suggest she may have been killed by a client.

The victim of the homicide in Vila Brejal, in the Levada neighborhood, in the early hours of this Tuesday morning (19), was a homeless [trans woman], who was found without clothes in an alley in the community. She was killed after being hit in the head. The information was provided by delegate Luci Mônica, in an interview with TV Pajuçara.

"The information we obtained is that she is a [trans woman], known as "Joelma". The dynamics suggest that her head was hit against the ground, and that was where her death occurred. She was without her clothes, which which gives a sexual connotation. There probably could have been a fight, so her head was hit on the ground, to the point of killing her", he said.

The victim's body was covered with a sheet before being examined. The police confirmed that the [trans woman] lived on the streets, but no local resident wanted to give a statement out of fear.

Report added: 29 Mar 2024. Last updated: 30 Mar 2024

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