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Dámaris Julieth León Guamán

Age 38

1 Apr 2024
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Dámaris Julieth León Guamán
Dámaris Julieth León Guamán [photo:]

Dámaris was killed in her apartment. She had migrated from Ecuador in search of a better life in a country with legal protections for trans people.

Her abusive partner has been detained and charged with murder.

Dámaris Julieth León Guamán, “Karicia” to her friends and “Biscochito” to her TikTok followers, a 38-year-old trans woman, arrived in Argentina from Ecuador in 2018. She wanted to open a dance academy, study makeup and have a life. better in a country with a Gender Identity Law.

[On April 1, she] was found murdered in the apartment she rented in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Almagro. Her partner alerted the emergency services and has bow been detained and charged with murder aggravated by the relationship at Neighborhood Police Station 5B in Buenos Aires.

It was her Ecuadorian colleagues who first found out about the transvesticicide. On Monday night they warned through a chat group that Dámaris was not answering her cell phone and she was not connected to WhatsApp. They decided to go to her apartment on Monday at noon and there they met police personnel guarding the building and were referred to Neighborhood Police Station 5B, where they were informed of what happened.

Dámaris was a sex worker in the Constitución area, was 38 years old and had been able to access a [legal] change of gender identity thanks to Argentine legislation. She lived alone in Almagro, where she had a good relationship with her neighbors whom she met in the hallway or when she went out to walk her two poodles. They said that she was very kind but that when she was with her partner they could hear screams coming from her apartment.

The wake will be at the Casa Roja headquarters (Filiberto 1745. Constitución – CABA) at the request of her colleagues. Her sisters are travelling to Argentina to say goodbye to her.

Georgina Orellano, general secretary of the Association of Argentine Women and Prostitutes in Action for Our Rights (AMMAR), wrote on Instagram: “Your block of Avenida Garay cries for you, your Ecuadorian sisters are in mourning, your fellow constitutionalists are hurt, with a lot of anger, fed up with so many avoidable deaths. We will remember you with your joy, your pompadours, your outfits that you wore every night and that you paraded for us, your spectacular participation in the last pride march on the Casa Roja float, your solidarity in each collection, your participation in the assemblies, you and all your projects that encouraged you to get ahead and help your family in Ecuador.”

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