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31 Jul 2014Alisson Henrique da Silva ("Pequeno")25Juazeiro do Norte, CearáBrazilviolenceshot
31 Jul 2014CamilaBraganca PaulistaBrazilviolencesuffocated
31 Jul 2014Willy23CoatzacoalcosMexicouncategorisednot reported
31 Jul 2014Name UnknownMexico CityMexicoviolencemurdered
31 Jul 2014LazaroMorelosMexicouncategorisednot reported
31 Jul 2014Name Unknown35Nuevo LeónMexicouncategorisednot reported
27 Jul 2014Dafine dos Santos Cameiro22ParanaguaBrazilviolenceshot
24 Jul 2014Dennysi Brandao24Contagem, Minas GeraisBrazilviolenceshot
23 Jul 2014Name UnknownMexico-CityMexicouncategorisednot reported
20 Jul 2014Tyra SinclairGeorgetownGuyanaviolencestabbed
20 Jul 2014Jada JohnGeorgetownGuyanaviolencestabbed
18 Jul 2014Makelly Castro24Teresina, PiauíBrazilviolenceasphixiated
16 Jul 2014Jaime Javier Hernández Martínez21San Pedro SulaHondurasuncategorisednot reported
13 Jul 2014Kellen Santorine20Uberaba, Minas GeraisBrazilviolencestrangled
10 Jul 2014Cristal Celeste (Julio César) Cotrina Fasabi21LimaPeruviolencebeaten
9 Jul 2014Sthefanye17Joao Pessoa, ParaíbaBrazilviolenceshot
9 Jul 2014Name Unknown30Caaporã, ParaíbaBrazilviolenceshot
1 Jul 2014Ulises Humberto Rosales24San SalvadorEl Salvadoruncategorisednot reported

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This site contains reports of violence against transgender people, and links to detailed reports which contain graphic imagery.

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